AMF Introducing the DDB Program to Middle East University MEU

13 March, 2017

Believing that Road Safety & Driving Education are both essential for a safe transportation system, in parallel to endorsing innovation on different levels, Middle East University integrated the DDB programto its Students, to become the first educational institution in Lebanon to address this unique concept.

President of Adel Metni Foundation, Georges Metni, spoke about the DDB Program and its benefits in turning awareness into skills, during an assembly held at the campus of the university in Sabtieh. Metni explained how the foundation is leading innovative road safety projects in Lebanon & MENA, and emphasized the idea of shifting from traditional awareness to effective practices that can truly reduce the number of traffic fatalities.

"Human Errors remain the leading cause of road crashes; Reducing these errors through building defensive skills can technically minimize the risk exposition to such crashes", Metni added. The Foundation is glad to welcome the first trainees from India & Jordan, admiring once again the diversity of the Middle East University and its unique continuous efforts towards building high cultural standards among students.