Think Global, Act Local for Road Safety

Adel Metni Foundation takes the lead one more time in executing sustainable road safety educational programs at the local level in Lebanon.
Back in 2017, the foundation has successfully collaborated with several local governments in delivering innovative road safety & sustainable mobility educational sessions to different schools.

This unique initiative entitled ‘Think Global, Act Local for Road Safety’, continued with more ambition and belief, raising the bar of road safety education and shaping the standards from basics.

Being the only non-profit organization in the country working on integrating multiple sustainable development goals SDGs ( SDGs 3, 4, 9, 11, 16 & 17) with a variety of road safety programs implemented at the local level, and aiming to sustain success in reducing the level of road crashes, injuries and fatalities, the Foundation endures multiple partnerships with a number of municipalities tackling different educational community-based programs.

“The main goal is to rebuild trust between community members and municipal police in enforcing traffic laws and regulations at the local level, in the objective of reducing & limiting all types of road crashes involving pedestrians, riders & drivers from all ages”, as stated by AMF officials.

Adel Metni Foundation has involved around 8500 students till present, aged between 12 & 18 years old, in practically endorsing best practices in road safety research, perception of road hazards & defensive driving training. The foundation aims to professionally assist & support young students to become safe drivers in the future.

Road Safety is a right for all.”

The foundation continues the sustainable cooperation to reach a higher number in 2020, with another focus on Green & Inclusive mobility. Sustainability will never be achieved without protecting the human element.

More on this unique initiative is published in the book “Zooming on SDG Trends in Lebanon”, published by the United Nations Global Compact Network Lebanon (GCNL).