Driver's Education

The "Defensive Driving Basics" (DDB) integrates the Best Practices of Driving Education helping trainees to understand the multiple hazards related to the road, the vehicle and the driver who analyzes the problem and respond in a responsible manner.

This Educational program combines both theoretical and practical sessions, covering different chapters and including the most needed safety tips.

The basis of the DDB consists of avoiding road risks and crashes through a gradual training process and ‘on-scene’ driving application, targeted and supervised by Professional Drivers.

Moreover, most young drivers lack the elementary knowledge and primary understanding of traffic law fundamentals, which increases their risk of crash exposition. The DDB helps learners to recognize the main anticipative driving actions that are needed when facing any type of road hazard, and therefore to target their driving abilities on the safest responsible performances avoiding fatal crashes.

A Defensive Driver is a "Proactive Driver".

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